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Tom Walker Hog Hunting Bio

Tom Walker Hog Hunting expert and outfitter has been hunting since he was very young. He has plenty of memories of the woods and water as a young man, and he credits the great mid western state of Michigan for fostering his love of the chase. Starting with deer, it wasn’t long before Tom made his way to southern Florida to hunt wild feral hog.

Tom is serious about hutom walker hog hunting with dognting wild hogs. NRA American Hunter did an article about Tom Walker hog hunting and his outfitter service which is between Sarasota and Fort Meyers. Starting with ducks and rabbits in the Midwest, he has been hunting by himself, with friends, and with dogs for decades. Nowadays he can be found in the woods with a camera crew, or good paying clients who know that Tom delivers the best experience for hunting wild hogs in Florida.

Tom earned the right to boast a 100% success rate on hog hunts. His weapon of choice is often the WASP Injection Knife. With the dogs on a hog and running through the woods, the heart is pumping and the WASP knife will shoot frozen air into the vitals of a pig, making it a quick death for the hog. It’s intense, high octane hunting. The knowledge he has gained over the years has been hard earned. Hunting on big water for even bigger alligators with a bow and arrow and a spotlight on his head have reminded him he needs to keep his eyes open in the wild backwoods of Florida, where predators are near and could be looking for some dinner.

To Tom Walker, hog hunting is not just a passion, it has become a way of life. Taking care of his hunting dogs, sharing stories with other hunters, being interviewed about his love for the hunt – these are all part of the experience of a professional hog hunter and reality TV personality. Notice on the video above that Tom uses an AR-15 .450 Bushmaster and it only takes one shot to humanely take the wild boar hog. You can see that Tom is still a firearm enthusiast, as he also has a great video on his official Tom Walker Hog Hunting Youtube Channel where he is using a 50cal BMG to take down a hog. You can view the video below: